Kinky escort services

Kink or kinky practices are like half way between the romantic sexuality and the BDSM that is the reason why some may say this is a wide umbrella, where you are free to experiment without reaching extreme practices related to pain and punishment.

Even most of these practices may be done in a committed relation to spice sexual life, a kinky escort may be the first step to explore this side of your sexuality or it may be even an instrument to learn by yourself or with your partner tools and techniques to boost pleasure in the relation.

The kinky escort is under the BDSM range  and is more like a light version or a PG level for those curious about bondage, discipline, submission or sadomasochism but without exploring the most hardcore practices in the sessions.

What can I experience in a session?

Some may include spanking, choking, soft servitude or slavery, to tie the partner or to blindfold him or her.

The kinky escort girls are happy to please their clients, now matter if it is for a single person  or a couple, what matters the most is pleasure.

In this service role play games are on the menu: teacher-student, doctor-patient, police and law breaker anything you can imagine.

Escorts will take charge of creating a safe and comfortable experience for you to enjoy.

Some kinky escort fans told us their experience, (names have been changed to protect their privacy):

Bruno- “the first time I considered to hire a kinky escort service was after going to the movies on a date. In this movie they performed a dominant/submissive session. Even in the movie,  the male was the dominant and the girl the submissive, it introduced in my mind continuous naughty thoughts. After that I searched for more information. Choking, restraining and sadism called my attention. I was not sure how far I wanted to go. But my secret fantasies and the profound desire won the battle. I visited general pages; these are like phonebooks or catalogs but for escort services. Each page was designed with a different perspective, some where organized by services, other by the escort profile and others by location. I was a little surprised by the variety and how many options I had close to my work place. I must confess I didn’t jump to it right away. The mistress I met, suggested we met first in a public place where we can know a little, this gave me the confidence of openly share with her my ideas. It was awesome how she translated it into reality. She was an artist performing all her talents on our session. Her erotic massages, her touches and caress. Her stronger side disciplining me, she was hard and soft at the same time. This experience allowed me to learn a lot and made my dream come true”

Michael- “my fantasy was related to role play, I wanted to be a secret lover and have a secret mistress, so my costume covered my identity, most of my face and body leaving just my buttocks, my balls, my penis my nipples and my lips for her to stimulate them. She teased me using nipples claps, feather tickles and other toys. I was so arousal after her games and teasing that I came awesomely. And thanks to her I was able to live my fantasy”

Christine- “most people may think kinky escorts or escorts in general are just for men. But to be honest I have tried both sides, I have hired male and female escort services. Some male services may be focused in the boyfriend experience, this is someone who may join you to events for a movie and off course if you agree it, you may have intercourse. In one of my experiences I hire him to perform as the dominant, and I was the submissive. His soft bondage techniques and his understanding of the intensity I wanted to feel were awesome, he bit me, spanked me, and choke me, my desires were kind of simple, but his great skills made it unforgettable. Want to hear more?  After that I decided to hire a professional female kinky escort, it was a whole new experience, the way she kissed me, how she punished me, and used her hands and fingers to stimulate me, was indescribable. That day we played the teacher and student role play, her rule spanking, her punishing me for not doing my “homework” was excruciating. I don’t mean to be greedy, but I confess I want to plan a session with both of them”

Samantha and John- “we have been married for a long time, and we have tried to spice our sex life as much as possible to keep the fire on.When we thought we had explored all the possible experiences, (we have had a long relationship) in a private party a common friend told us about her experience with professional kinky escorts. She said, her and her couple had the experience of their lives. At first I doubted about trying this new experience but after some serious meditation, we decided to go for it. She took care of both of us. She showed us and commanded us what to do between us and what to with her!  In a moment she had us doing what she wanted, we were able to enjoy ourselves and enjoy her awesome body. This help us discover new aspects of our intimate life, and as a result of it I noticed a great improvement. I hope we can share something like this again.“

If you have the sexiest ideas in mind, do not bury it! Explore them! Sometimes people feel jugged, feel scared of or simply ashamed to share how they feel or what they like. Most of them think their partners won’t understand or they are going to feel vulnerable for sharing what they really want to do and how they want it done. Kinky escorts will show you there is nothing to be embarrassed about giving you the freedom to live awesome experiences.